My poor old garden

I’d blame the weather but the truth is that I’m a terrible urban farmer.

Like so many vegetable gardens, I started this spring with such high hopes for the backyard plots. We had a resurgence of cold weather and covered the tomatoes but it didn’t help. Then we got some heat and dry weather. Same deal. Wilted plants, brown leaves, dashed hopes. Oh, and I’ve been working on other things. My lawn is tip-top, but my tomatoes and green beans have suffered.

Recently I went out to Kelmont Farms and came away with a bag of fresh Simpson lettuce, a story, and a better understanding of my agricultural fralities. The contrast between good farming (Kellers) and bad farming (me) was never clearer, not that I needed it.

At least I came away with a fresh, crisp sack of lettuce. I also learned the difference between straw and hay. Don’t laugh. A lot of city folks don’t know the answer that without trudging around on the World Wide Web.