The signs were out and candidates huddled near the parking lot of Maryville Municipal building, waving at voters.

I stopped by and cast my vote in the county’s Republican primary. Most of the races were uncontested, except for road superintendent and juvenile court judge. Having covered county government and crime for a couple of years in Blount County, I knew most of the names on the ballot.

I had to update some paperwork before I got in the voting booth, but I stuck it out and cast my vote. It’ll be interesting to see how the sales tax vote comes out.

Still working on the John Keller story.


For aspiring journalists …

Sometimes I meet aspiring journalists at Pellissippi State where I spend part of the day advising students. I tell them to double major. Study journalism, but pick something else in the sciences (including computer science), technology or business. Something, says Jenna Goudreau, “wildly different” to diversify yourself.

The name of the her article is “Top 10 Tips for Aspiring Journalists”. It’s a couple of years old, but Ms. Goudreau offers some useful, down-to-earth advice.


A minimalist makes the news

A good friend of mine once called me a minimalist because I’d reduced my bedroom to a bed and small stereo. I put my clothes and books in the closet. He said the next step was for me to install a strap in the corner and simply sleep standing up, the strap my only support and possession in sight.

I never went as far as Joshua Fields Millburn went, though.