Louisville author brings home Newbery Honor Award

A lot of people want to write and publish a novel. Vince Vawter, a former News Sentinel editor and Louisville author, went the extra step of winning a Newbery Honor Award for his coming-of-age novel, “Paperboy”.
The story┬ámade today’s issue of The Daily Times and was written by a staff member who has penned plenty of local author stories, Melanie Tucker.
I looked up Vawter’s website after reading his story and found the post on his home page (“Oh No, Here Comes Another Writing Expert)┬áhumble and humorous.


A pile of snow, a bit of down time

The snow shut everything down today. (136 closures at last count on WBIR.com). Tapoco Avenue glistened with icy sludge at around noon today, and I rejoiced. If the city streets looked slick then the county roads would be sheets of ice. No weather forecaster needed to tell me what the rest of the Tennessee Valley and Great Smoky Mountains would look like.

We get a good snow (4-6 inches) about every two or three years in East Tennessee. I like the snow. The crisp, cold air comforts me. The sound of snow crunching under my shoes makes me think of elementary school and snow ball fights and sopping wet boots. My dogs love this weather. This morning, they ran circles in the yard, kicking up snow and creating a whirl of fine powder that hovered and faded in the sun.

Best of all, the snow slows things down. Schools close. City halls shuts its doors, just for the day. For the moment, you are forced to linger around the house or go to work and move at half speed. We need a break, more than we realize.

I like the break in routine. I look forward to it. I watched far too much TV and ate about half a coffee cake. I managed to find time to seal the windows upstairs. A bunch of lady bugs were sneaking in, covering the window and climbing into the shade. This had been happening for some time, days it seemed. Their spotted orange corpses littered the corners of the room. After that short burst of work, I did nothing at all and relished it.